Perry Kirkpatrick

Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick lives in an undisclosed location outside of Phoenix where she and her husband chase their four little boys and a silly dog. They don't chase their cat, however, because cats hate that. She is the author of "The Kitten Files" mysteries, "The Accidental Cases of Emily Abbott" spy series, and multiple short stories. In addition to her writing, Perry enjoys graphic design, playing a number of musical instruments, and watching movies that make her laugh. Find her books, newsletter, and free stories at


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Dead Drop

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Summertime is all fun and games …and spycraft.

When Jamie discovers a hollow place in a half-dead tree, she and her friends decide it’s the perfect dead drop for their amateur spy-ring. As time goes on, the messages Jamie receives become harder to decipher. Is one of her friends a real spy? Or is something even stranger going on?

Stronger for Language

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Kenzie discovers she has unique skills from hours spent translating what her twin 3-year-olds are saying. She just might save the day when her husband, the starship’s captain, gets into a linguistic pickle with a new alien race!


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Rigel and Rion Wyatt have just won the Spaceracer Championship. The young men are on top of the world until an enslaved girl named Aurora challenges everything they know about their sport. Determined to set her free, the twins must execute a daring plan with all the finesse a champion Spaceracer team can muster.